I was born in Montana and our family eventually moved to Spokane Washington, located on the eastern side of the state. After attending WSU (Washington State University), I moved to Seattle in 1981. My passion for non-profits and charities began in the early 1990’s. I assisted a friend during the Christmas season to distribute clothing to the homeless in downtown Seattle. I include friends, family, former co-workers and their family/friends. We gather and distribute clothing, food, toiletries, tooth paste/brushes and warm clothing. We would spend the holidays distributing these items. It is still a passion, but on a smaller scale.

Around 2000 I met Jay Fiske, a Bellevue Washington based Auctioneer (Maestrosoft & Northwest Benefit Auctions). Mr Fiske has traveled all over the USA as a charity and non-profit auctioneer. His software has helped numerous organizations streamline and simplify their events. Text2Bid and Text2Fund is a great source for increasing donations, without attending the event. Click HERE and we will connect you to Jay and his team!

Chairty4USA was created to be the portal for charities and non-profits – their events and how to connect.  Peruse the site and look for your favorite athletes, celebrities, local and national charities and non-profits. Thank you !

Tom S Shobe, Founder

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