National Charities

The U.S. is home to thousands of charities and non-profits. With Charity4USA you are able to locate the cause you believe in and become involved for a purposeful contribution.

“I always wanted to have a resourceful site to connect people with the charities they want to be a part of, and to contribute back to their community. Being a service to your community is a way to give back, and with this site, I hope you can too.” Tom Shobe

Click on the national charity of your choice, and the mailing address and phone number will be at your fingertips. The Charity4USA list continues to expand as we hear back from our visitors, please help us by letting us know if you do not see your national charity listed by clicking HERE to fill out your contact information and we will follow up with you. Thank you!

Charity Name Website Phone Number
Children’s Eye Foundation 206-227-2214
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